Our Services

Tenacity Targeted Marketing offers its aviation sector clients broad expertise in financial facilities, operational and environmental planning and analysis. Tenacity Targeted Marketing have used an integrated physical financial approach in recommending solutions that are financially feasible and commercially optimised.  In an environment in which costs are ever more important and evaluated not only on the basis of that the bottom line today,  but also by their impact on long-term operational results and the environment,  we help airport sponsors and other aviation sector clients identify transformative instead of incremental solutions.

 In mature economies, the emphasis has changed from one focused on capacity enhancing projects to those that maintain existing infrastructure.  In emerging economies, the pressure to deliver affordable facilities to meet rapidly growing demand has intensified.  In both cases, the challenge is the same to identify the most affordable operational efficient and sustainable solution and to justify those solutions to airline and other tenants.  We assist our clients develop innovative planning and operational alternatives by clearly analysing that financial operational and environmental implications. With this comprehensive appreciation of the full costs and benefits of facility developments, we are able to help our clients not only identify the best alternative but also to make the case for investment to all stakeholders.